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Nneka Adams In " Last Flight To Abuja.png|thumb|Nneka Adams in the Nigerian film "Last Flight To Abuja" in 2012]]
'''Nneka Adams''' is a Nigerian [[actress]], [[film producer]] and CEO Adams film production.

==Early life==
Nneka Adams born on July 8, 1980 was born in [[utagbuno]], ndokwa local government [[Delta State]], [[Nigeria]]. She is a graduate of [[Philosophy]]  from the [[University of Lagos]] , and <ref>[https://www.nnekaadams,com/about/php]</ref>

Nneka Adams ventured into the [[Nollywood]] in the movie last flight to abuja Cot<ref>, Retrieved 13 November 2016</ref>  and since then has over fifty which include: Nation Under Siege, If you were mine, chroricles of vendata amonst others, and her latest work  which is [[RUTH]] and it's yet to be released.


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